The Comité National du Pineau des Charentes protects the interests of those who make and sell this wine.


The committee was formed in 1949 in order to unite and represent producers and retailers of Pineau des Charentes.

One of its main functions is to watch over common interests at an industry-wide level, such as production, sales and promotions.

The committee is bilateral, comprising 12 winegrowers and 12 retailers appointed by their professional unions. It is chaired on an alternate basis by each side for a period of three years.


They meet periodically, and comprise winegrowers, retailers and other experts.

  • The technical subcommittee carries out research and monitors developments in production technology.
  • The quality subcommittee ensures that all Pineau des Charentes wines comply with the required standards.
  • The advertising subcommittee carries out all collective promotional activities in France and export markets. 

Responsible drinking

The committee is a member of Vin et Société, representing 500,000 wine industry stakeholders committed to promoting the role of wine in society and encouraging responsible drinking.